Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Red sand

Today it rained again. Then it rained some more. When it finally let up we headed to downtown Charlottetown.

First, we went to Sand Land and that was really amazing. Sand Land is a collection of sculptures made out of sand (see pic). The sand in PEI is reddish because of the iron oxide in it. It’s pretty amazing the amount of detail these sculptures portray. These artists are very talented. We met Lin, one of the artists and she was very friendly, even gave us the tickets to get in, and told us where to park so we wouldn't have to pay for parking.

Then we went to explore historic downtown Charlottetown. We walked block after block, sometimes it sprinkled on us, but for the most part we stayed dry. The shops were very cute. At the end of the last block, we headed to see an outdoor concert in the park. Unfortunately they had packed up and left, about three days ago someone said. Around September is when everything starts shutting down in the Maritimes.

We then went back to Bella and pointed her towards Cavendish, the home of Anne of Green Gables, on the north coast of PEI. Bernie can’t wait to see Anne’s house and museum.

When we got to Cavendish it was already nighttime so we found a place to park, it is the parking lot of a mini-golf place that is closed down for the season, where we can use the wi-fi of the lodge nextdoor. We will go check out Anne’s place tomorrow.

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