Saturday, September 27, 2008


Lucky for us we picked the only Walmart where a Boy Scout troop meets at 7:30 am in the parking lot. They were noisy and they had to meet, of course, right next to us. This Walmart had a really big parking lot. Why did they have to park right next to us?? When they finally left we were able to go back to sleep for a little while longer.

When we got up we went into Walmart for a couple of things. One was a wood carving knife set for Bernie. She is really enjoying this recently acquired skill and now she can practice it even more. We also got a small electric coffee pot. The price of propane is breaking us so we want to be able to make coffee when we use the generator. It doesn’t take much energy, so far so good.

Then we drove in the rain towards Douthat State Park VA to meet one of our yahoo groups for a camping get together this weekend. But we had to do laundry first. We found the laundromat closest to the campground, did a couple of loads, and then were off to meet the girls.

We pulled in just as the sun was going down and it was still raining a little. One of the girls said she could ride with us and show us the way to our campsite. Thanks to her we got to see the whole park, again … and again. Thank you Pantless! We finally found our spot and once we were hooked up, we headed over to join the group for dinner.

This was an event in itself, there were about 12 women and lots of great food. We met everyone. We had some really good chili con carne, salad, and German apple cake. To say the least we had a fun night. This is a fun bunch.

This campground is way back up in the mountains. We had no phone reception or internet access. This was truly roughing it. No communication with the outside world for three whole days. How would Mar survive without her laptop?

After dinner we went back to Bella where we had no internet to write our blog so we picked some good books and read.

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