Friday, July 04, 2008

The 4th of July

Parked on the driveway of our new friends, we have been able to get caught up on loads of things we needed to do. Bernie has worked on Bella, put her bike together, and built a shelf for our hosts’ hot tub (see pic). Mar has made progress with her schoolwork, emails, phone calls, bills, letters, and paperwork.

Tonight we decided to take some time to enjoy the festivities. Bernadette and Donnis wanted to take us to see the fireworks in downtown Augusta. They had been telling us about them since we got here, so we knew they must be special. When we arrived at the river walk, the place was packed. There were boats lining the river as well, waiting to see the show. We had to climb a hill to sit at the top for the best view. Once we found a spot on the sloping hill (it was a little hard to stay up) we anxiously awaited the show. It was fun watching families on their blankets, kids running around, couples talking, grandparents playing catch with their grandkids … a perfect Friday night scene.

Then the booming and fire lit up the sky with the first of many impressive fireworks. They were spectacular! Not only the fireworks in the sky, but also the fireworks “waterfall” from the bridge was absolutely beautiful: a curtain of fireworks falling from this huge bridge into the water below. We had never seen anything like it. (This is the bridge that connects Georgia and South Carolina.)

Afterwards, we walked down the hill and towards the parking lot with a sea of people. Traffic wasn’t moving, so it took a while to get out of the downtown area and we then headed back to the house.

Back home we finished up our laundry, packing, and getting ready to hit the road tomorrow … and yes, the plan is to finally leave Georgia. Stay tuned.

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