Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good mojo

Bernie and Grandmother Mary Ann went to Home Depot today. Grandmother offered to get us some leveling jacks for Bella. Bernie said they would cost too much but Grandmother wanted to check them out anyway and then she did buy them for us! Thank you, thank you, Grandmother Mary Ann! (If you have ever had to stay in an unlevel RV, you know how important it is to have these jacks.)

Back at the house Bernie went to work and fixed some things for Grandmother Mary Ann. The dryer wasn’t heating properly. The vent had fallen off so Bernie put a new one on with a box, to make it easier for Grandmother to clean the lint. Then Bernie replaced the shower head with a hand held shower massager, just what Grandmother wanted.

Then we cooked a traditional Cuban meal for Grandmother Mary Anne and
Aunt Jean. We had mojo chicken, arroz con gandules, and avocado salad. Dessert was a delicious sliced mango with white chocolate ice cream. The compliments went around the table several times and everyone cleaned their plates. It was wonderful to share part of Mar's background with Grandmother Mary Ann and Aunt Jean.

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