Saturday, July 05, 2008

Another day another state

After spending one whole month in Georgia, today we finally left. We made it to South Carolina, and back to the original plan of driving up the east coast, checking out every beach along the way. We didn't plan to stay in Georgia for a whole month (or anywhere else for that matter) but I guess when you have no plan, or to be more specific, when the plan is to go with the flow, then anything can happen. It's all good.

Today after leaving GA, we went to Hilton Head Island SC, where we drove around for a while checking out the island, then found parking and went to window shopping.

When we got a little hungry, we had the appetizer sampler for dinner at The Bamboo Room. This place is worth checking out. The menu has the story of a soldier who opened an island restaurant after the war, but a typhoon came through and wiped him out, and he was never seen again. This restaurant is a reproduction of the original and they have done an amazing job. You feel like you are inside a bamboo hut somewhere in the tropics. There is old army gear all over the place. The section were we sat was called the "mess hall”. Our food was served on a ‘mess’ tray, the kind with the little compartments separating each food. It was a cool place to eat.

After dinner, it was already dark but we just had to go check out the beach, we had been away from the coast too long. As the cold sand squished through our toes and the ocean breeze hit our faces, we felt the contentment that only the ocean can bring you. We found the lifeguard's chair and climbed up on it. As we sat there taking in the sights and smells, we heard something in the distance. Someone down the beach must have had leftover fireworks from the 4th, because we got to a see a very cool private "mini" fireworks show.

Tonight we decided to park in the local Catholic church parking lot, so Bernie could attend Mass in the morning. Later, we went to check out the Barnes and Noble and hung out there for a while. Guess what? They serve Starbucks coffee and Bernie just couldn't wait. Her eyes lit up like a kid in a toy store. We were there for some time and then we headed out towards the next beach...


Anonymous said...

Bernie and Mar, If you get to where I live in your RV, I have a place for you to park too. See my website at for where you would be parking. And see my other website to see where you can travel in an RV. Have the time of your lives and move slowly. Kathe

Kate & Terry said...

I just found your website, we also travel in a motorhome and I love reading others adventures!

I especially appreciate the info on campgrounds