Monday, July 21, 2008

To grandmother's house we go

Yay!!! Today we made it to Wilmington NC and we went straight to the house of Bernie’s grandmother. Bernie knocked on the door and her grandmother answered with a big smile and open arms. It was the first time Mar had met her and as grandmothers are, she was equally welcoming to Mar.

We were actually lucky enough to get two for the price of one because Grandmother Mary Ann’s sister, Aunt Jean, was there too; she’s visiting for a few months, just like she does every year. Aunt Jean is great fun, she can be pretty funny, and it was nice to see her.

We offered to stay in our RV on the driveway, but Grandmother Mary Ann wouldn’t hear of it. So we got our stuff out of Bella and made ourselves comfortable. Grandmother Mary Ann and Aunt Jean made sure we felt welcome. What a pair of great ladies!

We sat down and did some catching up, looked at pictures and listened to their stories about family and the good old’ times. Then Grandmother Mary Ann and Aunt Jean served the dinner they had planned for us. It was a wonderful meal of BLT sandwiches and marinated veggie salad. For dessert they made us delicious strawberry shortcake.

Then we went back to the family room to talk and have our coffee, while catching up on our laundry, as Grandmother Mary Ann was kind enough to let us use her washer and dryer. We stayed up with them pretty late, we actually talked until 1:00 am.

It was a wonderful, wonderful day!!

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