Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bike #2 is finally here

Yesterday we drove from Cornelia GA to Stone Mountain GA. We went back to the Walmart there because we got an email that Bernie’s bike had finally arrived. With great anticipation we entered the store and headed to the pick up area. When we got to the counter we found out that the bike hadn’t been assembled (as promised on the Walmart website). With great disappointment, we left Stone Mountain with a BIG box in our Bella, and another bike for Bernie to put together, hoping that this one would have instructions.

We headed east on I-20 and it was getting pretty late so we decided to stop at the Walmart in Conyers GA. When we got there we saw a plethora of stores all around, and Staples happened to be one of them. We decided to try their wi-fi and it was working, so we spent the night under a lovely shade tree in their parking lot.

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