Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Watermelons everywhere

Murfreesboro is a small town. When Bernie got up today she went for a walk to find out what was around us. She stopped in several small shops and a few restaurants to ask if anyone needed help for the night, but no luck. Everyone was closing early to go to the Watermelon Festival, which starts tonight.

Shortly after Bernie got back to Bella the generator stopped working, it just shut off. We got out the books and all the paperwork to try to figure out the problem. It seems the air filter is clogged. There might be an oil leak somewhere because the spongy-looking-thingy between the filter and the carburetor is full of oil. Bernie cleaned out the filter, which also had oil in it. Then closed it up and tried it again and it worked. It’s a good thing because it is way too hot not to have ac.

Then we went to the Watermelon Festival. They had tons of rides for the kids and lots of food. There were two tables with free watermelon slices. One had a chocolate fountain to dip the watermelon. We tried it but did not like it at all. Watermelon is too watery and squishy. However the chocolate was good enough to lick off the plate … mmm mmm good.

We had the blooming onion from one of the food stands. We thought we might regret it in the morning but oh it was so good. Why is fair food soooooo good? Later we had a funnel cake. This one was not as good as we have had at other fairs but it had tons of powered sugar so that made Mar happy.

We found a place to sit and listened to the band play. The Band of Oz was really good, they played a lot of oldies all night and lots of people danced on the street.

Afterwards we had the piece ‘de resistance’ … fry bread. We had seen someone eating one earlier and asked her about it. She didn’t know what it was called but told us how good it was and where to find it. It looked so good we just had to try it so we went to get one. It is a version of a Native American recipe: fried thick flat bread with some corn in it, and topped with honey and powered sugar. It sort of tasted like a fried biscuit only better. It was really, really good.

We had a really good time tonight. Our very first Watermelon Festival was a great experience. We are very glad we came to visit Murfreesboro NC.

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Maggietx said...

Looks like ya'll are having a great time-Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us !