Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sneads Ferry

We decided it was time to hit the road again today. It is amazing that in just a few days outside of the rv, we manage to unpack so much stuff. So while Mar packed up, Bernie started taking our stuff back to Bella.

Everyone was interested in the process. Mittens (Grandmother’s cat) wanted to check out what this big thing sitting in her driveway was, so she kept us company. Aunt jean was interested in the rv. She had owned an rv once and told us some stories of her travels. Grandmother Mary Ann kept giving us food for the trip. She sent us off with homemade cookies, fruits, veggies, cheese, milk, and some other goodies. Enough food to feed us for a while. Our tummies thank her.

It was finally time to say our goodbyes. As always, this was a hard thing to do because we had such a wonderful time with them. We promised to come back and visit.

Then we headed north along the east coast once again. We had an email from Cory and Grace inviting us to park on their driveway in Snead's Ferry NC, about an hour away. What a surprise when we got there and they had full hookups for us: water, electric, cable, wi-fi and sewer.

After setting Bella up, we joined Cory and Grace on the second floor
back porch overlooking the water. Their house has its own pier and it
sits right on the intercoastal waterway. We sat and watched the many types of birds and animals that visit this oasis. We saw a bunny rabbit. We learned all about these two fascinating people. They shared some of their treasures, like a rock filled with amethyst and wood antiques. They were so nice and very funny.

Later we went down to Bella and brought our parrillada leftovers up to eat for our dinner, while we visited. Cory helped us with tips on how to drive up the east coast and where to go. And of course the stories of their adventures only made us want to keep going.

We are planning the next part of our trip, we want to go to the Outer Banks and that adventure starts with our next NC ferry. Stay tuned.

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Lenny and Pennie said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit with Grandma. I look forward to seeing what is ahead of you both.

I too am a full-timer, although we are parked more then traveling day to day.

Hopefully some day, we will get to travel more then were parked. For now hubby must make money so that our some day can happen.