Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Parrillada for two

We awoke today in a wonderful bed in an air conditioned house … the simple pleasures in life … we were happy to be able to take a nice, long, hot shower … Bernie was able to finally shave her legs, which is one of her greatest pleasures ... (Mar had laser hair removal treatments so she doesn't need to shave, and that is a great pleasure :-)

Mar spent the day helping Grandmother Mary Ann with her new laptop. Grandmother Mary Ann is now ready for email, the internet (she likes google) and now she can play her favorite card game (bridge) whenever she likes.

Grandmother Mary Ann and Aunt Jean suggested we go out to dinner. Mar remembered seeing an ad for a local Latin American restaurant and everyone was feeling a little adventurous, so off we went to Café Boleros.

Once there Grandmother Mary Ann felt really adventurous and decided on the ropa vieja with rice and beans for dinner. She loved it and said she would order it again. Aunt Jean had the fillet, which was melt in your mouth good. And we ordered the parrillada for two, which really could have fed a small army, and it was absolutely delicious.

At dinner we learned that Grandmother Mary Ann had visited Puerto Rico once and stayed at the Hilton. The same Hilton where we went to take pictures with Mar’s kids and got coffee at the Starbucks, the last time we were there. What a coincidence.

After dinner Grandmother Mary Ann and Aunt Jean wanted to show us a very unique grocery store called Fresh Market. This grocery store had wonderful and diverse foods. Just like a kid in a candy store, we were having so much fun discovering new things that it was actually hard to leave the store!

When we got home, we sat down to talk and play card games on the computer and all of us stayed up pretty late … again.

Buenas noches!

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