Sunday, July 27, 2008

The sound side

We wanted to hang out at the beach today. Bernie wanted to go swimming but after seeing the large and numerous waves decided against it. She doesn't like the waves. She just walked along the water and collected some seashells. Then she sat in her lounge chair to read her book, almost until sunset. Then it was time to head north once again on route 12.

Mar had seen an ad for what appeared to be a seafood market. It had lovely pictures of meats, seafood, and veggies, all advertised as fresh. Mar had her heart set on a grilled fresh seafood dinner. So we found the place in the ad, but it turned out to be a small grocery store. It was truly a disappointment. The meat department looked good though so we purchased a porterhouse steak to split. And left in hopes of finding a real fish market.

We first went to a place someone at the other market had recommended but they had just closed when we got there. We asked some guys who were standing outside and they told us of another place to go for fresh seafood.

We went to find it … not far down the road there it was and they were still open. We ventured in. Here we saw an assortment of fresh fish. We settled on a snowy grouper and another fish called "poor man’s lobster". The owner was super nice and we found out it is a family business. They are all commercial fishermen and have just recently opened their own retail store.

We left there with our fresh catch and kept going north on route 12 until we found the next beach access where we parked for the night. Across the street was also a sound access (the opposite side from the ocean) so we got to experience both sides of this narrow island at the same time. Bernie was glad about this because she wants to do some crabbing again and everyone says it is better to do it on the sound side.

Bernie fired up the grill and let the coals settle while we went to explore. We found on the sound side several paths to the water … and lots of mosquitoes … and one crab, which Mar almost stepped on and Bernie wished she could catch it. Then we headed back to Bella to start dinner.

We had the most wonderful dinner of steak, two kinds of fish, and twice baked potatoes ... along with some mojitos, it was the perfect dinner ... the stars were clearly visible in this very dark sky … lovely and wonderful ....

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