Monday, July 07, 2008

Double feature

Yesterday we left Hilton Head SC and headed north. We found the Walmart in Beaufort SC and spent the night there. Today we went exploring. We drove through Saint Helena Island, Hunting Island, and Fripp Island. But when we got to Fripp Island, which is at the end of the road, we were told it’s a private island so we had to turn around.

We went back to Hunting Island and checked out the campground there, but found it too small and crowded and decided not to stay. Then we drove down to the pier and had a nice afternoon there. The weather was perfect and the view was amazing.

When leaving Hunting Island, heading north again, along the road we found a wonderful surprise. We saw a drive in movie theater !!! We were both so excited, we just had to stop. The marquee said “open nightly” and they were showing “Get Smart” and “Hancock”. We figured they were both fun movies and it would be even more fun to watch them at the drive in!

When we got there, no one was there but lucky for us, as we were leaving the owner pulled up and told us when to come back. We drove a little ways down the road and found a nice place under some wonderful trees, to pull in and make dinner. Bernie made her delicious hamburgers on the grill but with a new twist, a special sauce made with parmesan cheese and garlic, and flat bread instead of buns. Those burgers rocked!!

Then we went back to the theater where we positioned ourselves in the back, away from other cars. It was a Monday night after all so there weren’t many other cars there. We parked sideways so we could watch the movie out the side window, the biggest window our Bella has, and we had a great view of the screen. We opened up the window and put the old radio box on it and listened to the show. Just like old times, it was so fun.

And as if that wasn’t awesome enough, during intermission we got funnel cake and it was so so so good.

After the movies the owner told us we could stay and spend the night. So we parked near the concession and spent the night in an outside movie lot. The best part was that we didn’t have to drive around and try to find a place to park at that time because by then it was after midnight.


Stephanie said...

I think what you are doing is wonderful, Lifetime experience. I hope you continue past the two original years that you planned. Congrats!

Mom said...

you go girls!!! I love reading your blog-your enthusiam bursts right thru. Eat well-do good things!