Friday, July 18, 2008

The end of the road

Today we drove through downtown Southport NC and discovered the Cape Fear coast. It was so charming with beautiful houses, right at the edge of the water, and lot of piers behind the houses. The place had a small town atmosphere, lovely town.

We tried to find the road to get to the barrier island but at the end of the road heading east we only found the ferry. The last ferry of the day had already left, so we decided to stick around and wait to take the ferry tomorrow.

We then decided to go explore Bald Head Island and discovered we couldn't get there either without another ferry, but this one is not for vehicles, only for passengers. We went back to Southport.

We got gas at $4.02 per gallon. It is the first time we've paid over four dollars for gas. Then drove around the beach looking for a place to park. The manager at Fishy Fish said we could park in their lot as long as we parked towards the back on the grassy area.

We parked and went to explore the area. We walked on several of the docks and stopped to admire the full moon, we could see the flashing lights from the lighthouse across the way, and even fireworks across the water. What a cool place and what a great way to end the day.


Jonna said...

Great blog guys! I'm enjoying your travels. We never made it to the east coast and now, who knows if we will. This is almost as good, following along with you.

shinywhitebus said...

I am curious. what was the MPG?