Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wind and sand

Bernie was feeling a little better today but still needed to rest so we stayed indoors most of the day while she slept. Later in the afternoon we ventured out to the beach to take in a little sun and feel the sand under out toes. Mar sat down to read while Bernie went off to explore.

The wind was wild. Mar was so interested in her book she didn't seem to notice the wind and sand kicking up. When Bernie came back and saw Mar sitting there, almost covered in sand from head to toe, she started laughing. Mar had been reading while the sand piled up on her … must have been a good book!

When we got back to Bella we decided we were ready for another state. So we left SC and headed to the first Walmart we could find in North Carolina, at Southport – near the beach of course.

On a positive note, Bernie was feeling better by the end of the day. She is still very tired and a little grumpy, but it is good that she’s on the mend.

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