Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bella and the beach

Today we woke up at the drive in, what a great way to start the day.

The owners of the drive in gave us permission to use the water hose to fill up our water tank and also to wash our hair outside. The owners were so friendly and so nice to us. When we tried to give them money for the use of their water, they wouldn't take it. Then we found out that they had let the police know we were spending the night there and asked them to come and check on us, which they did a few times times during the night, and we didn't even know it.

With Bella all packed and ready to go, and us with clean hair, we took to the road and again headed north, towards Edisto Island SC .... oh and what a beautiful drive it was. We drove for miles under the canopy of trees above us, it was a lovely afternoon for a drive on the beautiful countryside.

At Edisto Beach, we went to check out the campground but they were full. So we then went to drive around to find a place to park for the night and we wanted to be near the beach. As we drove around, Bernie spotted a small parking lot next to a small shopping complex, the lot was empty and right on the beach. The parking lot is right where the road bends at 90 degrees and continues along the beach, it is at the corner of the island. It was the perfect parking spot and Bernie went inside the gift shop to ask permission to park. Luckily the owner was there and she was kind enough to let us park in this perfect spot.

To thank her we had dinner in her restaurant, at the Enterprise Pavillion. The food was good and our server was very friendly. Our dinner was courtesy of Bernie's mom who decided we needed to be properly fed so she sent us some money, thanks mom !!

After dinner we took our chairs outside and just sat there listening to the ocean. What a beautiful and peaceful place. What a great day!

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Ddave Carter said...

Bernie & Mar

Welcome to the life on the road, we are full-timers and love the life, after near 3 years fulltime (10+ years RV'ing before fulltime) we pinch ourselves and still we can't believe we are so lucky to live this lifestyle. Please feel free to check out our travel journal, http://woodalls.mytripjournal.com/whereinthehellisrandyanddave .

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