Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gotta have our coffee

Today when we got up we realized we didn’t have enough water in our water tank, to both wash the coffee pot and also make coffee. Faced with this terrible dilemma and being the extremely resourceful women that we are, we solved this by finding the closest Starbucks (gotta have our coffee). Luckily we had a Starbucks gift card, which brought great joy to Bernie's heart. You have to know that Starbucks gift cards are like “gold” to Bernie, so we try to stretch them out :-) We ordered an iced venti latte with regular sugar for Mar and Bernie got her decaf iced venti latte with splenda … mmmmm …

Once we had our coffee fix, we took I-20 again going east towards Augusta GA, which is close to the border of South Carolina. Once there we went to Hephzibah GA, to meet Bernadette and Donnis, our new friends from one of our yahoo groups. They invited us to come park in their driveway for a couple of days … woo hoo!!!

First, Bernadette and Bernie got Bella all hooked up: water, electricity, and cable – this is the first time we have had cable. Then we all went out to dinner in downtown Augusta, to the cutest restaurant called The Cotton Patch. We sat outside in a courtyard with a center fountain and cobble stone floor. It almost made you feel like you were in a secret garden. After taking a look at the incredibly delicious menu items, we decided on the cheese steak salad and a to-die-for Oreo ice cream dessert. Absolutely wonderful!

After dinner, Bernadette and Donnis suggested we take a walk to check out the "river walk" along the Savannah River. Bernie took some beautiful pictures of the sunset, and we learned about the town's past floods … and the best part is that when you look across the river, what you see on the other side is actually South Carolina, we couldn’t believe how close we were to our next destination!!!

Finally we drove back to the "homestead". Our new friends said we could shower in the house and oh how nice it was to take a real shower in a real bathroom. Then back to Bella for the night.

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Lilli & Nevada said...

Well you ladies sound like your having a good time and some great experiences.
Have fun