Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One of those days

Last night we slept with the windows open listening to the sounds of the ocean. Such wonderful sounds, the rhythmic waves coming in and out are so soothing. Then this morning we woke to the sight and sound of the ocean. Truly we had the best parking spot on the island. We then got out and walked around, doing some more exploring and taking some
more pictures at the beach. It was a beautiful day and not too hot, mostly because of the ocean winds. A little later we went back to Bella and got ready to go.

When we were finally ready, Mar took her seat at the wheel and turned the key. The ignition started, but the engine wouldn't stay on. Both Mar and Bernie tried several times and no can do. We couldn’t go anywhere so what to do? We called roadside assistance of course. After half an hour on the phone with them, and the nearby mechanics, and the tow truck company, we found out we would have to wait an hour and a half for a tow truck, because remember we were out in Edisto Island SC, more than 20 miles from the mainland.

While talking about what to do while we waited for the tow truck,
Bernie went ahead and tried to start Bella again, and she stayed on
this time!! So we rushed to get going, we figured if we could get on
the road maybe it will be ok. And it was, we drove on, called to
cancel the tow truck and headed towards Summerville, SC.

We had had no plans to go to Summerville. However we had been invited by Tom and Nita who had sent us an email saying we could park at their house on a cement slab with full hookups. They own a beautiful vacation home they rent out and they also own a 40-foot class A rv, which they also rent. Lucky for us, it wasn't there at the time, someone had rented it, so we got to use the hookups.

We had a nice time getting to know Tom and Nita. Turns out they met at
a campground 10 years ago, when they both had their own RVs. Their website is

As we were getting set up, Bernie came out of Bella and when she set
her foot on the outside steps, she fell straight down on the concrete.
She scrapped all the side of her leg and twisted her foot on the other leg. She rarely complains but it looked pretty bad. She was immobilized, her ankle swelled up and she couldn't put any weight on it. So Mar got Bernie a chair and something to raise her foot. She cleaned the blood and scrapes and then went to work.

Mar got the laundry started, went to get dinner, and helped Bernie get ready for her shower. While she's doing all this running around, as she came out of the rv, she fell the exact same way Bernie did!! Somehow she did not twist her ankle as badly as Bernie but enough to hurt, swell up, and make her limp.

We investigated the area to see why this happened twice. It turns out the concrete slab was uneven right there under Bella’s steps and we both fell on the same spot, by stepping on the same uneven crack. So for the rest of the evening, both of us were limping, taking Tylenol, and putting ice packs on our twisted ankles.

It was one of “those” days ... but we know tomorrow will be a better day!

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