Friday, July 11, 2008

Rain rain go away

We woke up to a huge thunderstorm. The lightning was a show of its own. We just sat there for a while watching as the thunder roared and the lighting stroke again and again. Pretty scary. When it was finally over, we did our grocery shopping, and then we hit the road again.

Going north on 17 we saw the sign for Huntington State Park. We wanted to drive through the park just to take a look but the attendant said we would have to pay ten dollars to just go in and out. Definitely not worth it, so we drove on.

Then we saw a sign for Murrell’s Inlet and decided to go check it out. The area was really cute with lots of shops and restaurants. We stopped to look around at one of the stores. Bernie tried a free sample of the homemade peanut butter fudge and then just had to have some to take home. This store had a front porch with rockers and also a game. The game is a washer on a string and you have to swing it and try to hook it to the hook on the post on the wall. It is really hard to do but it’s very addictive. But we didn’t give up and we both finally got it.

After we left the store, not far from there, we saw a Books a Million. We decided to go in and check out some maps and road books, while having our evening coffee. After that we headed toward Myrtle Beach and found the Walmart there to spend the night.

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