Friday, July 25, 2008

On our way

Bernie and Cory worked on Bella. Then we took the tour of each other’s rv’s. They have an Itasca, which they love. It is always interesting to see other people’s rv’s and what they have done to it and how they adapt it to their use.

Then it was time to say goodbye to our new friends, Cory and Grace, who made us promise we will come back to visit on our way back home. They were so nice and so much fun, and we loved their place so we know we will stop by on our next trip down.

We drove to Morehead City where we got gas and groceries at Walmart. Gas was $3.90 What a welcome relief.

Then we drove to Beaufort (about 10 minutes away) which is a cute little town on the water. We drove around for a little bit but we were too tired to get out to go exploring, but maybe we will tomorrow. We found a public park with a boat ramp and lots of people were there with their boats. This seemed like a great place so we parked under a tree for the night.

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